November 11, 2022

Offline courses

London College of Fashion
Chelsea Open Studio provides you with the perfect working environment and opportunity to develop your painting practice independently under the guidance of a respected professional artist. Using the medium of your choice, you will be encouraged to explore your own personal working methods whilst...
Nov 11—Dec 9, 2022
35 days in London, United Kingdom
In an increasingly competitive market, leadership now plays a decisive role in business success. For this reason, more and more enterprises have made an all-out effort to develop the leadership of their management teams. Executives’ coaching skills – an integral part of leadership – has been...
Nov 11—13, 2022
3 days in Shanghai, China
5,316 USD
1 more date
Succeed in the transition to general management responsibility The ESMT flagship program prepares experienced functional-level executives for the transition to an increased level of general management responsibility. Advancing to the next level of leadership implies the acquisition of...
Nov 11, 2022—May 12, 2023
1 day in Berlin, Germany
26,320 USD
New York Institute of Finance
Learn how to apply accounting and federal income tax principles to project earnings and cash flows, specifically of the post-combination entity. This course is a component of the M&A Professional Certificate Prerequisite knowledge: Solid understanding of financial accounting and of mergers...
Nov 11, 2022
1 day in New York, New York, United States
1,151 USD
1 more date
Bauer College of Business
Employee retention is more important and more difficult now than ever before. This course helps managers and organizations improve their retention practices, policies, and outcomes. Topics include types and metrics of retention and turnover; factors that drive retention and turnover; and best...
Nov 11, 2022
1 day in Houston, Texas, United States
1,420 USD
1 more date
American Management Association
Transform yourself from inexperienced speaker to skilled presenter. In this 1-day seminar, you’ll learn to communicate effectively and persuasively and become comfortable with your own style. Develop key presentation skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control, and...
Nov 11, 2022
1 day in Chicago, Illinois, United States
1,345 USD
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Online courses

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is unfolding the age of digitalization by eliminating traditional industrial practices in Operations Management. Large-scale Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and Internet of Things (IoT) are integrated for automation escalation, seamless...
Nov 11, 2022—May 6, 2023
Online course
4,540 USD
The Chartered Institute of Marketing
Customer Journey Mapping is essential for improving customer experience. This course focuses on identifying critical touchpoints on the Pathway to Purchase. Each touchpoint represents an opportunity to deepen your engagement with the customer and improve conversion opportunities. This course will...
Nov 11, 2022
Online course