July 12, 2022

Offline courses

Sloan School of Management
Jul 12—21, 2022
10 days in Cambridge, United Kingdom
15,300 USD
Academy Leadership
Hard skills such as planning, finance and analysis that were paramount in years past represent just a fragment of the many skills executives must now possess. Today's global economy requires additional skills like good communication, creativity, collaboration and the ability to motivate....
Jul 12—14, 2022
3 days in Tampa, Florida, United States
3,450 USD
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Weatherhead School of Management
In this program we present specific skill development tools and frameworks to develop emotional intelligence (EI) by focusing on four principal EI competencies These four include Emotional Self-awareness, Emotional Self-Control, Empathy, and effective Influence. Not only do these serve as an...
Jul 12, 2022
1 day in Cleveland, Ohio, United States