May 1, 2022

Offline courses

IMD Executive Education
Gain confidence in marketing, operations, finance, strategy, industry analysis, business models and entrepreneurship Understand how value is created by integrating functions, and apply your new and enhanced capabilities to complex business issues Get assessed on your understanding of...
May 1—20, 2022
20 days in Lausanne, Switzerland
28,439 USD
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Harvard Business School
May 1—20, 2022
1 day in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
45,500 USD
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The Wharton School
As the volatility and inter-dependencies of markets increase, senior executives must make organizational risk management a high priority. The RMA/Wharton Advanced Risk Management Program gives executives analytical frameworks, strategies, and resources to better measure, manage, and monitor risk...
May 1—Jun 17, 2022
1 day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
28,750 USD
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Eli Broad College of Business
For over 50 years, Michigan State University’s Supply Chain Logistics Management Executive Seminar has been the world’s premier logistics executive seminar. The seminar combines academic frameworks and real-world examples, including discussion and review of best practice trends. The seminar...
May 1—6, 2022
1 day in Lansing, Michigan, United States
4,995 USD
IESE Business School
When a business strategy fails, shortcomings are often exposed, not necessarily in the strategy itself but in its execution. The ability to make your strategy work is critical for business leaders and it is the overriding factor in determining a company’s long-term success. Unlock the mysteries...
May 1—31, 2022
1 day in Barcelona, Spain
6,417 USD

Online courses

The Wharton School
The emergence of digital technologies, and the disruptions they create, are reshaping companies and entire industries. In this dynamic environment, firms need to evolve not only to keep up with today's digital landscape, but also because those that are on top of trends and transformations today...
May 1—6, 2022
Online course
7,800 USD
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