December 11, 2021

Offline courses

Indian Institute of Management Indore
Are real life problems complex or are they quite simple? Is management an art or a science? Why do most of the managerial actions not result in an improvement in the bottom-line? What is it that stops the organization from achieving its goal? Is there a systematic method to generate simple yet...
Dec 11—14, 2021
4 days in Mumbai, India
School of Continuing Studies
Using real data sets from open source data repositories such as, the DC Open Data Catalog, and, students create a data product to address a real-world problem. Students work in a data science team to apply the data science pipeline (data ingestion, data munging and wrangling,...
Dec 11—18, 2021
8 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Online courses

Alberta School of Business
Managing risk is a critical function to ensure successful construction projects. Construction is inherently risky including aspects such as: costs, time, physical (personal and property), environmental, jurisdictional, reputation, and general liability. Risk levels and sensitivity must be...
Dec 11—18, 2021
Online course
490 USD