November 23, 2021

Offline courses

Rotterdam School of Management
How do you lead your teams to deal with increasing competition and a fast-changing economic climate? Discontinuous changes and high uncertainty call for an enhanced sense of meaningfulness for the whole organisation. They mean leaders must make sure employees understand changes are part of a...
Nov 23—26, 2021
4 days in Rotterdam, Netherlands
7,333 USD
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Wisconsin School of Business
In the manufacturing industry, to obtain shorter lead times with high levels of quality and on-time delivery while increasing inventory turns and workplace morale requires a strategy that improves processes within and among sales, marketing, engineering, supply chain management, and production...
Nov 23—24, 2021
2 days in Madison, Wisconsin, United States
1,995 USD
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Nelson Mandela University Business School
Nov 23—24, 2021
2 days in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Online courses

Euromoney Learning Solutions
This course demonstrates how the LME's services can improve your approach to Price Risk Management The Introduction to the London Metal Exchange and Hedging: Two Days (Singapore only) will provide you with an understanding of the key services provided by the LME and demonstrate how these...
Nov 23—24, 2021
Online course
1,946 USD
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Euromoney Learning Solutions
This course can be attended as a stand-alone, one-day introduction. It also represents Module 1 of the following courses: LME 2-day Introductory Course (Modular Course) LME 3-day Introductory Course (Modular Course) This course offers you a solid introduction to the services provided by the...
Nov 23, 2021
Online course
1,125 USD
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