September 19, 2021

Offline courses

Kellogg School of Management
Formerly Kellogg on Consumer Marketing Strategy The consumer marketplace is drowning in noise. To break through and have an impact, business to consumer (B2C) marketers must build a focused marketing strategy to guide how they shape the customer journey, and even more importantly, the...
Sep 19—24, 2021
6 days in Cook County, Illinois, United States
10,550 USD
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Kellogg School of Management
An actionable framework Contrary to the traditional view that more activity — launching new products, entering new markets, acquiring other companies and such — leads to more revenues and profit, the experts who developed and lead this program have shown that growth comes from doing less and...
Sep 19—22, 2021
4 days in Cook County, Illinois, United States
8,350 USD
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Kellogg School of Management
Navigating unique governance challenges The director plays a pivotal role in effectively guiding family owned businesses. This program from leading family business experts goes in-depth on the issues that affect current and emerging board members, such as managing the board’s strategic,...
Sep 19—23, 2021
5 days in Cook County, Illinois, United States
11,750 USD
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