July 30, 2021

Offline courses

The University of Adelaide
Reap the many rewards of cultural diversity in teams by developing your Cultural Intelligence (CQ). Develop a deeper understanding of the nature and role of cultural differences in workplace and customer relationships. Understand how your own cultural background influences your perceptions...
Jul 30, 2021
1 day in Adelaide, Australia
496 USD

Online courses

Lagos Business School
Globally, the waste management industry is increasingly moving towards a circular economy and managing waste innovatively to reduce negative impacts on public and environmental health. However, in Nigeria, there is a dearth of professional training programmes on sustainable and innovative waste...
Jul 30—Aug 31, 2021
Online course
257 USD
ASPE | Techtown
This artificial intelligence course prepares you to strategically contribute to the adoption of machine learning and AI features in your own projects and applications. Learn to separate reality from myth, and filter real-world applications from business media buzz. This class is a fast-paced,...
Jul 30, 2021
Online course
1,100 USD
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