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May 17, 2021

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Wisconsin School of Business
Have you considered how your actions and behaviors as a leader impact the kind of business culture you want to create? Or as one business icon put it recently, “Would you want to work for you?” In the first part of this course, you’ll think through your own leadership characteristics and how...
May 17—18, 2021
2 days in Madison, Wisconsin, United States
2,295 USD
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Wisconsin School of Business
Risk is a given in any project, and the better you understand how to identify and prepare for it, the more likely you are to minimize your exposure to it. In this course you’ll learn and practice a systems approach and process for identifying, analyzing, planning, and controlling risk. You’ll...
May 17—19, 2021
3 days in Madison, Wisconsin, United States
2,495 USD
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INSEAD Business School
Building strategic thinking and financial acumen Thinking strategically is no longer a skill confined to senior leaders; it is now crucial for professional success across a wide range of roles and responsibilities. The greater executives understand business strategy and financial...
May 17—Jul 5, 2021
Online course
1,941 USD
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