March 30, 2021

Offline courses

Disney Institute
Put Into Action the Values and Vision that Will Allow Your Business to Thrive. At Disney Institute, we believe leadership is not defined by your title, but by your actions. Your values inform how you lead, creating an example for others to follow. In this course, you'll get insights into how...
Mar 30, 2021
1 day in Orlando, Florida, United States
1,750 USD
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Telfer School of Management
This two day module is part of the Certificate in Complex Project & Procurement Leadership and may be taken as part of the certificate program or on a stand-alone basis. Please visit the main page for the Certificate in Complex Project & Procurement Leadership for more information. Negotiation...
Mar 30—31, 2021
2 days in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1,255 USD
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Online courses

American Management Association
Develop the crucial management tools to help fully lead and motivate your team to higher productivity. Change is the norm. You are responsible for your own productivity and that of your staff. Your day-to-day dealings may now include colleagues, your boss and senior management who have...
Mar 30—Apr 8, 2021
Online course
2,195 USD
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American Management Association
Giving feedback can be difficult and sometimes hurtful. Often stressful. How do you even begin? Learn simple techniques that make a difference. The ability to give and receive feedback is a critical skill that doesn't come easily. Especially when the words, timing, and moods and emotions of both...
Mar 30, 2021
Online course