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March 8, 2021

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Center for Creative Leadership
Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experience provides insight into leading within an organization. When leaders of departments and divisions see challenges and opportunities through the eyes of others, it impacts their individual expertise. A narrow focus is useful in the...
Mar 8—12, 2021
5 days in Brussels, Belgium
7,988 USD
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Wisconsin School of Business
High-performing managers negotiate everyday—with colleagues, among teams, with other departments, and even with other companies and external stakeholders. While the positions and parties may vary, the outcomes often dictate team and organizational success. Good negotiation skills and outcomes are...
Mar 8—9, 2021
2 days in Madison, Wisconsin, United States
1,995 USD
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Center for Creative Leadership
The longest-running program of its kind in the world, the Leadership Development Program (LDP)® is designed for leaders of managers…managers in the middle. It is built around 6 factors vital to the success of managers: influence, communication, thinking and acting systematically, self-awareness,...
Mar 8—12, 2021
5 days in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Henley Business School
A leadership programme that makes an impact You will learn to inspire and lead others by better understanding yourself and how you relate to people and situations. The Leadership Programme will develop your personal leadership skills, helping you to achieve your professional goals and deliver...
Mar 8—May 14, 2021
7 days in Reading, United Kingdom
9,424 USD
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NUS Institute of Systems Science
Many organisations develop software using an Agile methodology. An Agile software development approach is characterised by iterative and incremental development to achieve significant productivity benefits, such as faster time-to-market and cost & time savings. The Agile approach's benefits to...
Mar 8—10, 2021
3 days in Singapore
2,075 USD
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