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February 17, 2021

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Asper School of Business
As companies seek to gain a competitive edge in today's changing business environment, they are looking to coaching tools to help leaders be more adaptable, effective and succeed in achieving their goals. Adopting a coaching mindset can facilitate stronger relationships and create teams that feel...
Feb 17—18, 2021
2 days in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Gain the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare and deal with an employment tribunal claim. The practical, two-day How to Prepare for an Employment Tribunal course uses case studies and examples to examine each stage of an employment tribunal claim, from receipt of the application to the...
Feb 17, 2021
1 day in London, United Kingdom
School of Continuing Studies
A crucial next step for students upon completion of the Georgetown Health & Wellness Coaching Program is to take the applied learning from the program and create a structure that will authentically support developing a thriving coaching practice. In this course, students will learn the...
Feb 17—19, 2021
3 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
1,870 USD
1 more date
Center for Creative Leadership
Managing others requires new skills to handle new challenges. Maximizing Your Leadership Potential guides participants in making the shift from successful individual contributor to effective manager – one of the biggest and most difficult transitions for any leader. Understanding others,...
Feb 17—19, 2021
3 days in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
4,400 USD
40 more dates