February 5, 2021

Offline courses

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
One of the earliest applications of branding was branding cattle. In modern times, branding started in right earnest with P&G’s efforts in the 1930s. When Nestle bought confectionary company Rowntree, it paid 4.5 billion dollars not for the latter’s plant and machinery or infrastructure but its...
Feb 5—7, 2021
3 days in Bengaluru, India
1,202 USD
Cranfield School of Management
Designed specifically for the development of owner-managers, the Business Growth Programme helps you create the future you want for your business and for yourself. As the UK’s longest running programme for owner-managers looking to take their business to the next stage, the Business Growth...
Feb 5—Jul 31, 2021
10 days in Cranfield, United Kingdom
15,778 USD
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Telfer School of Management
A coaching culture exists in an organization when a coaching approach is used by leaders at all levels to engage and develop their people and to engage with their key stakeholders. The outcome is inevitably a more engaging culture and increased individual, team, and organizational performance. ...
Feb 5—Apr 23, 2021
3 days in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2,943 USD
Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education
Today’s world of marketing can be intimidating and bewildering. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know which strategies will work and which will fall flat. This straight-talking, step-by-step course will help you easily understand the fundamentals of great marketing and will show you...
Feb 5, 2021
1 day in Cambridge, United Kingdom
Management Concepts
Spending decisions under Federal grants is challenging, especially with strict guidelines around what’s allowed and what isn’t. Understanding how to charge costs to grant awards and properly document decisions to defend against disallowances will enable you to manage your award more effectively....
Feb 5, 2021
1 day in Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Online courses

The Chartered Institute of Marketing
This highly interactive virtual course will help you develop a digital marketing strategy that you can take away and implement in the real-world. Using practical tools, techniques and frameworks throughout, the course will help you develop a strategy that is both customised to your unique...
Feb 5—13, 2021
Online course
Management Concepts
Professional development and career transitions create a more highly engaged workforce. You will learn strategies for helping employees develop new skills that provide opportunities for career growth. You will get an overview of tools used to assess natural abilities, skills, motivators, and...
Feb 5, 2021
Online course