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October 30, 2020

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DeGroote School of Business
Emotional intelligence is often what differentiates good leaders from great leaders. What kind of leader are you? Use emotional intelligence to improve your leadership and relationship management skills. This fast-paced workshop explores how emotional intelligence (EI) gives leaders a...
Oct 30, 2020
1 day in Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Broaden your reach and impact through effective use of social media recruitment channels The Recruitment Using Social Media interactive workshop will deliver insight and share experiences that will build your skills and help you make your recruitment process more social and effective. Practical...
Oct 30, 2020
1 day in Birmingham, United Kingdom
John Molson School of Business
Journey to Mastery (J2M), an advanced coach development program, builds upon our highly successful Personal and Professional Coach Certificate (PPCC) program. Journey to Mastery provides theoretical perspectives, evidence-based and practice-based guidance, plus individual and group mentoring...
Oct 30, 2020—Feb 20, 2021
6 days in Montreal, Québec, Canada
3,361 USD