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October 9, 2020

Offline courses

School of Human Resources & Labor Relations
Studying organizational behavior will help you understand how people and organizations function, and how you can win the race for talent while fostering a culture of innovation. A solid foundation in the practical aspects of organizational behavior, based on the latest research, will enable you...
Oct 9—Nov 6, 2020
5 days in Lansing, Michigan, United States
2,795 USD
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IFF Training
This course deals with the structural and commercial side of loan agreements and will give delegates the opportunity to developed their skills and understanding when analysing key credit documents. The course will cover a substantial range of topics including the distinction between loans and...
Oct 9—10, 2020
2 days in London, United Kingdom
3,109 USD
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ILR School
For anyone who wants to improve oral presentation skills through instruction and practice in a supportive environment. Overcome reluctance to speak in public, analyze and understand your audience for maximum effectiveness, gain tools to organize your thoughts for a more effective/powerful...
Oct 9, 2020
1 day in Buffalo, New York, United States
Vlerick Business School Executive Education
Motivate your teams to embrace change Change is a given in today’s business. Yet workforces do not like change – which is why up to 67% of all change initiatives fail. The focus of this learning journey is on applying your newly acquired skills and knowledge directly to your workplace. This is...
Oct 9, 2020—Feb 1, 2021
5 days in Brussels, Belgium
4,983 USD
Aalto University School of Business
Executive Program for Leaders in Arts and Culture Ever-changing social, economic, and technological trends impact how audiences engage with culture and the arts, and how the industry produces and presents creative work. The need for cooperation with networks and stakeholders and for setting...
Oct 9, 2020—May 31, 2021
8 days in Copenhagen, Denmark
17,029 USD
McCombs School of Business
Develop your understanding of the energy markets, and how to model and forecast energy and forward/future prices. Learn the different derivative products and learn how to apply them in the energy markets. Develop an understanding of how to model and forecast energy and forward/futures prices by...
Oct 9, 2020
1 day in Houston, Texas, United States
1,395 USD
SIM Professional Development
We are operating in a more complex and demanding environment that requires us to negotiate with our internal and external stakeholders. To add to the complexity, we are dealing with different cultures, conflicting interests and matrix reporting structures. This programme consolidates these new...
Oct 9, 2020
1 day in Singapore
American Management Association
Learn how to delegate effectively and entrust your work to others in this delegation skills training course. Let’s face it. To simply delegate the work is not as easy as it seems. This fast-paced, intensive 1-day seminar gives you real-world practice in delegation strategies that will reduce...
Oct 9, 2020
1 day in New York, New York, United States
1,245 USD
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NUS Institute of Systems Science
In our current digitally disrupted era, cybersecurity has now become more critical and the stakes are much higher. Daily cyber attack occurrences demonstrate the risks posed by cyber-threats – from individual, opportunistic hackers, to professional and organised cyber criminals groups with...
Oct 9, 2020
1 day in Singapore
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