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September 26, 2020

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Antwerp Management School
Information Technology has become a crucial enabler in the support, sustainability and growth of enterprises. Given this pervasive role of IT, a specific focus on enterprise governance of IT (EGIT) – as an integral part of corporate governance – is indispensable in order to guarantee value...
Sep 26, 2020—Jun 30, 2022
22 days in Clarksville, Maryland, United States
25,292 USD
John Molson School of Business
The Professional and Personal Coach Certification (PPCC) program combines a strong grounding in the basics of coaching with ongoing experience-based supervision. Its unique features provide root knowledge and experience in the critical areas of coaching theory and practice. The PPCC program is...
Sep 26, 2020—Apr 11, 2021
16 days in Montreal, Québec, Canada
5,224 USD
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