July 18, 2020

Offline courses

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business
Acquire industry-specific knowledge and move your career to the next level The UCT GSB Property Development Programme is an intensive two-week course that equips professionals to engage with a full range of disciplines within the commercial property industry. The course is developed and...
Jul 18—30, 2020
13 days in Cape Town, South Africa
3,696 USD

Online courses

School of Continuing Studies
The fields of statistics and probability were founded on empirical analysis of data (e.g. human height). Data scientists must possess a strong foundation in statistics and probability to uncover patterns and build models, algorithms, and simulations. This course reviews the basics of descriptive...
Jul 18—25, 2020
Online course
833 USD
American Management Association
Bring your team together and jumpstart your Agile practice. The only route to Agile success is practice. Just like quality software development itself, Agile is more art than science. The art of Agile must be practiced and finely tuned over multiple iterations. In this Agile Boot Camp, you...
Jul 18—19, 2020
Online course
1,495 USD
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