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May 24, 2020

Offline courses

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Gain general management training — combining conceptual knowledge with individual experiences — and increase your impact in the nonprofit sector. The Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders brings together leaders from social and human services, health care, community development, arts,...
May 24—29, 2020
6 days in Stanford, California, United States
10,000 USD
Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education
We will test you, challenge you, encourage you and inspire you. Gain essential strategic knowledge, skills and insight to drive performance. This two-week intensive programme provides an understanding of the concepts and fundamental principles in key management disciplines, and how to apply...
May 24—Jun 5, 2020
13 days in Cambridge, United Kingdom
21,651 USD
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Luxembourg School of Business
Negotiation can be an important tool for rational problem-solving, where each side is encouraged to “separate the people from the problem.” But what if the people are the problem? This course teaches the key strategic and tactical process and behavioral choices that separate rational problem...
May 24—25, 2020
2 days in Luxembourg
1,594 USD

Online courses

Kelley School of Business
Gain business knowledge that you can apply to your current job as you build momentum for your next career move. The Business Management Certificate offers an understanding on how to improve business operations. This program is designed to equip students with practical business intelligence, IT...
May 24—Aug 12, 2020
Online course
13,740 USD
3 more dates
Gain the Foresight and Expertise to Identify and Manage Financial Risks The increasing complexity and growth in the market value of financial assets and their derivatives highlight the need to manage investments in these securities prudently and optimally. Professionals in Financial Institutions...
May 24—Sep 24, 2020
Online course
1,700 USD