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April 24, 2020

Offline courses

Telfer School of Management
Telfer School of Management is proud to announce that Canada’s leading program for directors is coming to Ottawa. The Directors Education Program (DEP), jointly developed by the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) and the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, is offered...
Apr 24—Dec 6, 2020
12 days in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
11,891 USD
5 more dates
SIM Professional Development
Introduction Designed for a broad range of cross-functional personnel who support projects in the organisation. This programme aims to provide participants a basic knowledge and key concepts in project management. This understanding would help to create a common language in managing projects...
Apr 24, 2020
1 day in Singapore
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
Understand how to evaluate and finance a project or company. Content Assessing the components accounted for in company/project evaluation Evaluating the financing requirements and impact of a financing structure Understanding and valuating the fiscal benefits of various types of...
Apr 24—25, 2020
2 days in Brussels, Belgium
1,512 USD
Kenan-Flagler Business School
Apr 24—26, 2020
3 days in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
4,900 USD
DeGroote School of Business
Establishing yourself as a leader requires trust from others in you and your ideas. Influencing and persuading others requires a better understanding of how people really work and why they decide to follow, as well as being relaxed and confident in your executive presence enough that others will...
Apr 24, 2020
1 day in Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Nanyang Technological University Centre for Professional and Continuing Education
Apr 24, 2020
1 day in Singapore
The University of Auckland Business School
[](http://)In a world awash with information and data, navigating what and who to pay attention to has become a significant challenge. Leaders in workplaces and organisations around the world are experiencing record low levels of engagement. How do we navigate it all? How do we ensure that we...
Apr 24—May 1, 2020
2 days in Auckland, New Zealand
1,343 USD
1 more date
Wake Forest University School of Business
As organizations ask leaders to guide improvement and growth, leading change becomes an increasingly important leadership competency. This course focuses on change, whether within organizations or in a broader context. We will develop the ability to identify, implement, and sustain...
Apr 24—May 31, 2020
4 days in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
3,600 USD
Alberta School of Business
Imagine your business differently. This program will inspire the way that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) think about board governance. A well-designed board can add value to an enterprise by strengthening decisions, stretching thinking patterns, evaluating strategic alternatives, and...
Apr 24—Jun 6, 2020
5 days in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
3,083 USD
DePaul University
Marketers today are held accountable and expected to prove their ideas are effective in the marketplace. At the same time, advertising effectiveness is more difficult to measure. While these appear to be competing pressures, there are techniques and solutions available to help solve ongoing...
Apr 24, 2020
1 day in Chicago, Illinois, United States
399 USD
School of Human Resources & Labor Relations
Whether it's a claim of harassment, discrimination, a disciplinary issue, or loss prevention, you must take prompt action. Conducting an effective investigation is the first step. The way you handle the investigation will have a significant impact on employee morale, and your legal...
Apr 24, 2020
1 day in Lansing, Michigan, United States

Online courses

The College of Business and Economics at Lehigh University
Do you want to be a leader people want to work for? Creating a strong, engaged team translates into a more positive work environment, lower turnover, and greater productivity and collaboration. It also has a direct effect on your organization’s bottom line: according to a Gallup study on...
Apr 24, 2020
Online course
1,120 USD
2 more dates
Dale Carnegie Training
Committing to outstanding customer service means sometimes dealing with those not-so-pleasant customers. This interactive one-hour webinar will take you through an eight-step process for resolving customer complaints and handling each customer’s needs, no matter how challenging. What You’ll...
Apr 24, 2020
Online course
Management Concepts
Even experienced Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs) need to keep pace with the rapidly changing acquisition world. You will refresh your knowledge of COR duties and best practices while satisfying the requirements for maintenance training. From dealing with subcontracts to ethics in...
Apr 24, 2020
Online course