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April 18, 2020

Offline courses

Henley Business School
A part-time executive coaching programme with an emphasis on time for practice and reflection Executive coaching has become a significant and influential part of the learning and development strategy of many organisations worldwide. Henley’s accredited programme will appeal to managers and...
Apr 18—Jun 21, 2020
7 days in Reading, United Kingdom
8,420 USD
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Cranfield School of Management
A project management course from Cranfield, run in conjunction with the ECITB. Improving Project Performance steps out of the theoretical and into a bold new arena of advanced practical experiences and lessons in project management. This 7 day flagship course is designed to increase your...
Apr 18—25, 2020
7 days in Cranfield, United Kingdom
7,895 USD
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London College of Fashion
Interested in Sustainable Fashion but don't know where to start? This course gives you the low down on how to build a sustainable wardrobe. From where to shop and what brands to buy through to radical approaches like circular economy, making, mending and never needing to buy anything again. At...
Apr 18—19, 2020
2 days in London, United Kingdom
Center for Technology and Management Education
As a project manager, you must be able to measure the status of the project and resources consumed. Equally important is your ability to compare measurements to projections and standards and utilize this information for diagnosis and re-planning. Project Monitoring and Control will help you...
Apr 18—May 2, 2020
2 days in Pasadena, California, United States
1,040 USD
Teachers College Columbia University
Unleashing the Power of Human Potential One Leader at a Time The External Coach Intensive is intended for individuals wishing to coach a variety of clients from an array of organizations. Most participants in this program later serve as consultants in the coaching field. Participants...
Apr 18—24, 2020
7 days in New York, New York, United States
10,000 USD
School of Continuing Studies
The fields of statistics and probability were founded on empirical analysis of data (e.g. human height). Data scientists must possess a strong foundation in statistics and probability to uncover patterns and build models, algorithms, and simulations. This course reviews the basics of descriptive...
Apr 18—25, 2020
2 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
School of Continuing Studies
Though visual representations of quantitative information were traditionally cast as the end phase of the data analysis pipeline, visualizations can play important roles throughout the analytic process and are critical to the work of the data scientist. Where static outputs and tabular data may...
Apr 18—25, 2020
2 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
School of Continuing Studies
Risk management is the structured, disciplined approach to dealing with unknown events and how they can affect project performance. This course includes a review of the basic components of risk: probability of an event and the consequences of the event. The core elements of probability theory are...
Apr 18, 2020
1 day in Washington, District of Columbia, United States