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October 5, 2019

Offline courses

John Molson School of Business
Where leaders convene Are you a CEO, Deputy CEO, or vice-president of an airport operating organization? Are you ready to take your career to the highest level? If so, the Airport Executive Leadership Program (AELP) is your ticket. Your boarding pass to an exclusive club of international...
Oct 5—Dec 6, 2019
6 days in San Francisco, California, United States
6,200 USD
University of New Mexico
Mastering mediation skills not only can provide benefits in your personal life, it can provide you with new career opportunities or advancement in your current role. In addition to resolving conflicts, mediation increases productivity, saves time and money, creates a safer workplace, and promotes...
Oct 5—Nov 16, 2019
7 days in Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
1,295 USD
Stanford Continuing Studies
Effective communication motivates an audience. When you communicate, you typically want your audience to be moved in the moment and to act in the future. But what influences their decisions? The answer is simple, yet complex: memory. People make decisions in your favor based on what they...
Oct 5, 2019
1 day in Stanford, California, United States
245 USD
Stanford Continuing Studies
Most people don’t have the expertise or desire to do their own financial and investment planning. So they look to hire a financial advisor. But how do you know if you have selected the right one? Or if they are doing a great job? With many personal financial advisor options available, it’s...
Oct 5—12, 2019
2 days in Stanford, California, United States
500 USD
Center for Technology and Management Education
Optimizing execution of design and simulation activities under rapidly changing conditions in complex, environments is challenging. It requires new skills in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), a critical capability in digital engineering. MBSE integrates iterative, comprehensive design, with...
Oct 5—Nov 2, 2019
5 days in Pasadena, California, United States
2,850 USD
London College of Fashion
Join Art Direction and be guided through the various stages of working as a professional Art Director, from creating concepts to organising advertising campaigns. You will start by learning about the basic principles of being an Art Director, including elements of visual communication, semiotics...
Oct 5—19, 2019
3 days in London, United Kingdom
Executive School of Management, Technology and Law
The world is at a turning point. “Earth Overshoot Day” marks the day all resources which can be regenerated globally throughout each year are exhausted. In 2016 this day was August 5th. From this time on, humankind is living off the planet´s capital instead of its interest. Endless growth in a...
Oct 5, 2019—Jun 30, 2020
26 days in St. Gallen, Switzerland
18,031 USD
School of Continuing Studies
In this foundational course, participants will receive an overview of models and approaches used to conduct program and policy evaluations in the educational setting. Students will cover all phases of an evaluation including the problem statement, evaluation design, evaluation purpose statements,...
Oct 5—12, 2019
2 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
799 USD
Center for Technology and Management Education
Deep Learning--one of the hottest fields in Artificial Intelligence (AI)--uses neural network architectures to solve highly complex learning problems like training autonomous vehicles or object recognition. New applications are being found every day across manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical,...
Oct 5—19, 2019
3 days in Pasadena, California, United States
1,710 USD

Online courses

This course will enable an Analyst to work on Big Data and Hadoop which takes into consideration the burgeoning demands of the industry to process and analyze data at high speeds. This Training Course will give you the right skills to deploy various tools and techniques to be a Hadoop Analyst...
Oct 5—6, 2019
Online course
300 USD