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August 16, 2019

Offline courses

USC Marshall School of Business
If you are responsible for leading and engaging teams you know you must drive and manage both performance and results. In our Leadership Development for Building High Performing Teams program you will explore the complexities of internal and external team dynamics and discover how you can elevate...
Aug 16—17, 2019
2 days in Los Angeles, California, United States
2,450 USD
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INSEAD Business School
Through the INSEAD Leadership Programme for Senior Executives – India (ILPSE), participants develop the strong general management and leadership skills to capitalise on India’s growth potential. Delivered in several components so that you can continue in your job full time, ILPSE helps you build...
Aug 16, 2019—Jul 24, 2020
28 days in Singapore, Singapore
45,571 USD
Harvard Kennedy School
Globalization has made trade policy a more prominent and complex sphere of public policy. Policymakers, analysts, business people and activists must deal simultaneously with initiatives at the national, bilateral, regional and multilateral levels. No longer confined to tariffs and quotas, trade...
Aug 16—25, 2019
10 days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
11,500 USD
School of Continuing Studies
Course Details Marketing plans are often created ad hoc and with limited research to inform them. However, in today's competitive environment, organizations place a greater premium on comprehensive planning for more effective marketing outcomes. Understanding the fundamental principles of...
Aug 16—24, 2019
4 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
1,055 USD
New York Institute of Finance
Learn the fundamental numerical techniques that are essential for quantitative roles in finance. Gain experience applying these techniques to practical problems including option pricing and credit risk modelling. This course is a component of the Quantitative Methods for Finance Professional...
Aug 16, 2019
1 day in New York, New York, United States
1,019 USD
Management Concepts
Numerous recent laws and government directives are impacting Federal grants management. These changes range from the shifting of certifications to to consideration of 426 grants data elements. Plus significant updates to the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) will affect how you manage Federal...
Aug 16, 2019
1 day in Tysons, Virginia, United States

Online courses

American Management Association
Aug 16, 2019
Online course
Management Concepts
Professional development and career transitions create a more highly engaged workforce. You will learn strategies for helping employees develop new skills that provide opportunities for career growth. You will get an overview of tools used to assess natural abilities, skills, motivators, and...
Aug 16, 2019
Online course