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August 10, 2019

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Sauder School of Business
Strategies for Writing Reader-Focused Emails, Letters and Proposals Former course title: Power Writing for Business Leaders This program employs a unique strategic approach to writing effective business documents. You will learn to apply a reader-focused mindset for planning, organizing,...
Aug 10—11, 2019
2 days in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1,290 USD
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Stanford Continuing Studies
From parents of preteens to CEOs, everyone has behaviors they would like to incentivize. In this workshop, we will unpack some of the core mechanics of game play, which is becoming an increasingly popular and effective way to motivate and drive behaviors in ourselves and others. We will explore...
Aug 10—11, 2019
2 days in Stanford, California, United States
355 USD
School of Continuing Studies
The first part of this one-day course explores data science and data analytics in their historical context and examines the environmental factors that precipitated the field’s rise to prominence. Students will learn how the field differs from more traditional academic fields such as statistics or...
Aug 10—17, 2019
2 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Impact Factory
A course for people who want to improve their ability to influence and negotiate. The aim is to expand your capacity to influence internally as well as externally and to deal with tricky negotiations. You'll get the opportunity to practise a variety of tools and techniques to see what works and...
Aug 10, 2019
1 day in London, United Kingdom
1,060 USD
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