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April 6, 2019

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School of Continuing Studies
The fields of statistics and probability were founded on empirical analysis of data (e.g. human height). Data scientists must possess a strong foundation in statistics and probability to uncover patterns and build models, algorithms, and simulations. This course reviews the basics of descriptive...
Apr 6—13, 2019
2 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
School of Continuing Studies
Individual skill alone will not lead to successful projects. One of the most important roles for a project manager is to lead and motivate a diverse and high-performing team. Forming teams of diverse skills and expertise can be difficult but also very rewarding. This course takes a close look at...
Apr 6, 2019
1 day in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Anderson School of Management
UCLA PGP PRO – Post Graduate Program in Management for Professionals is a comprehensive General Management Program for working professionals offered by UCLA Anderson School of Management, one of the top Global Business Schools. The one-year program is focused on covering General Management...
Apr 6, 2019—Mar 1, 2020
12 days in Bangalore, India
10,000 USD
School of Continuing Studies
In this advanced course on designing program and policy evaluation instruments, participants will apply the theories, principles and processes introduced in the first two courses in the certificate program (Program Planning, Analysis & Evaluation and Research Methods). This capstone course is...
Apr 6—13, 2019
2 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
795 USD
Stanford Continuing Studies
Negotiating well is critical to success in any field. We negotiate on a daily basis at work, at home, and elsewhere. Yet too often, people lacking strong negotiation skills damage relationships and reach suboptimal outcomes. This interactive workshop covers the fundamental principles for...
Apr 6, 2019
1 day in Stanford, California, United States
350 USD
Center for Technology and Management Education
Deep Learning--one of the hottest fields in Artificial Intelligence (AI)--uses neural network architectures to solve highly complex learning problems like training autonomous vehicles or object recognition. New applications are being found every day across manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical,...
Apr 6—20, 2019
3 days in Pasadena, California, United States
1,710 USD
Goizueta Business School
Through practical examples and annotated Excel guides, the lectures will discuss theories, approaches and applications of financial modeling. The participants will have the opportunity to construct a model of their own to apply the lessons learned in the lectures. Personal one-on-one assistance...
Apr 6—7, 2019
2 days in New York, NY, USA
2,600 USD
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NUS Institute of Systems Science
The process to release software to users is often painful, risky and time consuming. Continuous Delivery can help large organisations to become lean, agile and innovative by having reliable and low risks releases, making it possible to adapt continuous updates in line with user feedback, market...
Apr 6—27, 2019
4 days in Singapore, Singapore
2,843 USD
American Management Association
Learn, understand, and execute the three overarching areas of change under Scrum: iterative development, self-management, and visibility. In just two days, get everything you need for greater project success as a ScrumMaster: Methods, roles, and best practices for your own projects. You'll...
Apr 6—7, 2019
2 days in Atlanta, Georgia, United States
1,395 USD
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