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March 9, 2019

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School of Continuing Studies
Before any analysis is possible, relevant data sources must be found and accessed. This class overviews common data sources including relational databases, non-relational data stores, and web-based data sources complete with hands-on examples. Course Objectives Upon successful completion...
Mar 9—16, 2019
2 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Stanford Continuing Studies
Concerned about an upcoming question-and-answer session? Anxious about adding your thoughts in a meeting? Afraid of needing to present your hour-long business proposal in twenty minutes? Many of us are uneasy about speaking in public, especially in an impromptu, off-the-cuff manner. However, much...
Mar 9, 2019
1 day in Stanford, California, United States
270 USD
Stockholm School of Economics
The exchange of experience with other participants is an essential part of the program and an opportunity to a valuable professional intercultural network. A variety of active learning approaches (e.g. lectures, case studies, group work, experience-based learning, structured reflections, and...
Mar 9—May 24, 2019
21 days in Daren, North Carolina, USA
16,289 USD
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School of Continuing Studies
This research methods course is designed to provide students with a broad overview of the knowledge base, traditions, and theories of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research used in conducting program evaluations across many sectors including education and the non-profit sector. The...
Mar 9—23, 2019
3 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
895 USD