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How to Get Maximum Return on Investment From a Short Executive Education Course?5 min read

January 20, 2020 4 min read


How to Get Maximum Return on Investment From a Short Executive Education Course?5 min read

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We’re all familiar with the real value of education at any level. When you learn something new, it not only serves you in a practical sense, but it also stimulates your mind. No one would try to convince you not to learn (and if they do, they might not be the best type of person to keep around). 

No-brainers aside, the easy decision to learn something new becomes much harder once you add in a price tag or hefty time commitment – both of which are associated with education at the executive level. While it’s no secret that executive education can bring life-changing benefits to you or your company, you might find yourself wanting to better identify your return on investment (ROI) when signing up for a course. In fact, this might actually be a requirement if your employer is agreeing to pay for your course.

In this post, we will explore the ROI of a short executive education course. You might be surprised to learn the variety of ways in which executive education gives you ROI. A short course from an accredited school can offer much more than just the knowledge promised from the curriculum. 

Before we get into the ROI for executive education, we should first quickly discuss how it’s measured.

Measuring return on investment for executive education

From a corporate or business standpoint, it is notoriously challenging to measure how investment in executive education affects the bottom line. However, if success is measured by looking at how people grow and the impact they make (e.g, knowledge acquired and their ability to perform well in high-stakes situations), the ROI becomes much easier to measure.

In other words, ROI is invaluable when companies no longer have to take chances on handing responsibility to the wrong person. Executive education brings a lasting toolkit to key personnel within an organization, who not only drive short-term results, but also make a lasting imprint through smart and sustainable decision-making. Cost and resource savings can certainly follow. 

From a personal and professional standpoint, ROI from executive education can push you forward with a boost of confidence, perspective and knowledge. In addition, it can bring you into contact with lifelong mentors, friends or potential business partners.

Returns on investment from executive education

Here, we outline in more detail some of the ways in which a short executive education course can give you a noticeable return on investment.

You gain new perspectives. 

Learning from lectures is important, but it’s not the only educational aspect of attending a course. Getting a practical and hands-on approach to real-world problems gives you new perspectives on how to tackle challenges. It also gives you the power to lead with empathy

Moreover, the way you approach work and business might shift as you attend an executive education course. Are there ways you are currently holding yourself back? Can you be more efficient? Are you following through with your word? Sometimes education at the right time can bring up more than what we bargained for (and in a way that helps us grow and evolve professionally). A reputable executive program should be designed to give you a boost in motivation and a refresh in your sense of professional purpose. 

You learn from your peers and expand your network.

Your classmates may be more skilled than you in certain areas and ready to share insights that could benefit you. These peers can end up being useful contacts for mentorships, friendships and business opportunities.

Imagine you’re currently leading the marketing department at a large corporation, and it has become your job to train the team on technical basics in order to support a new client. After class one day, you get to talking with another attendee who has stories to tell about similar training; she tells you what worked well and what failed miserably. As a result, you exit your course knowing exactly how to approach your own situation.

ROI comes from insights gained in the classroom. Whether it’s a small story or shared experience like the above, or a lifelong mentor who sticks with you as you navigate challenges in your line of work, the people you meet in a short executive education course can provide immeasurable value.

Moreover, let’s not forget the major opportunities afforded to you in networking and access to successful business leaders. These people may bring instant results to your professional life or help you out in significant ways down the road. 

You give yourself a competitive edge.

If you’re on the hunt for a new job or are up for a promotion, your executive education may be the deciding factor in your favor. There’s nothing quite as eye-catching as having a renowned school on your CV. When it comes to first impressions, this is the very definition of ‘a competitive edge.’ Why not seize it for yourself?

Courses from internationally recognized names, such as The Wharton School in US or Cass Business School in UK for example, serve as a marker of both knowledge and dedication.

Going beyond the CV, executive education is an opportunity to update your existing skill set and give you a higher degree of specialization in a given field. Today’s rapidly evolving technical landscape requires a tech-savvy approach to business and work; be sure that you are caught up to speed by taking a course that elevates your know-how. 

Executive education: It’s worth the investment. 

The ROI of executive education may be a tough one to measure upfront, but it will certainly become apparent once you begin to apply your knowledge. Whether it’s positively influencing a coworker, leading a team toward crucial results or winning a huge promotion, you’ll be better equipped for success after completing the short executive education course that’s right for you. 

Check out Coursalytics and find the course which will maximize the ROI in your career.

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