How to adapt new management styles?1 min read

August 4, 2022 < 1 min read


How to adapt new management styles?1 min read

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Dennis Kight, executive coach at itworks!LLC, thinks that teams should build cohesion and strong management style into their teams with the help of “New Leader Assimilation” (NLA).

What are the steps required to conduct a new leader assimilation process? 6 steps:
1. An executive coach identifies the critical areas and ideal results during the NLA.
2. One-to-one meetings for 30 to 45 minutes should be scheduled between the coach and each team member.
3. The coach asks the first set of questions about personal preferences (e.g. How often do you want to meet one-on-one with the new leader?). Then the second question set relates to the team (e.g. What would you like the new leader to know about the team?).
4. After interviews, the coach creates an analytical report consisting of 2 sections. The first one contains a personal preference matrix, which is useful for the leader to reference when communicating with each team member. The second part highlights questions along with the common themes that were identified.
5. The leader and the coach discuss the structured report in order to co-create a communication plan to debrief the rest of the team.
6. The entire team gets evolved in discussing of new group norms for moving forward and with the coach’s help identifies quick wins the team and the leader can immediately seize upon to build momentum toward success.

It is increasingly important for organizations to routinely use the NLA process as one of the standard tools required to develop a management style that will adapt, survive, and thrive today and in the future. To explore further about Dennis Kight’s thought process read this article.

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