Best executive courses in Defense and Aerospace


11,192 USD

Leading at the Edge is a 5-day leadership development journey that exposes you to challenging, experimental and transformational experiences and simulations. It allows you to explore who you are as a secure base leader, nourishing, developing, transforming and growing your leadership potential to...

Jun 6—10, 2021

5 days in Zürich, Switzerland

11,192 USD

ICTD International Centre for Training and Development

4,200 USD

Construction is the largest industry in the world. Growth in this sector is an indicator of the economic conditions of a country. In general, construction is more challenging than other industries. Most construction projects exhibit cost overruns, time extensions, and conflicts among...

Dec 20—24, 2020

5 days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4,200 USD

SIM Professional Development

1,054 USD

Life throws challenges to test us and presents opportunities for us to realise our true potential. Resilience sharpens and focuses our ability to bounce back, steer through adversity and exercise our talents in a meaningful way. Although genetics and environment do have some influence over...

Dec 7—8, 2020

2 days in Singapore

1,054 USD

Management Concepts

899 USD

Understanding the intricacies of the Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF), a revolving fund financial structure used by DoD for businesslike activities, is a challenge for even the most skilled Federal financial managers. Supporting the effective and accurate operation of these funds is integral...

Sep 15—17, 2021

Online course

Harvard Kennedy School

4,900 USD

Nov 30—Dec 11, 2020

12 days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

4,900 USD

Management Concepts

769 USD

As one of the most sophisticated and interwoven organizations in the world, the DoD must comply with relevant laws and regulations to avoid Antideficiency Act violations. You will gain knowledge to ensure that obligations are charged to the correct funding sources and to determine the...

Aug 12—13, 2021

2 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Alliance Manchester Business School

3,983 USD

The Advanced Management Achievement Course is a 3-week highly specialised programme designed for officers moving into management and executive careers. Through a mix of taught sessions, in-company visits and guest speakers, you will develop the confidence and management tools to take the next...

Jun 6—25, 2021

20 days in Manchester, United Kingdom

3,983 USD

Sloan School of Management

3,900 USD

Jun 9—11, 2021

3 days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

3,900 USD

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

1,292 USD


The theory of bounded rationality proposed by Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon is evermore significant today with increasing complexity of the business problems; limited ability of human mind to analyze the alternative solutions and the limited time available for decision making. Introduction of...

Nov 2—7, 2020

6 days in Bengaluru, India

1,292 USD

Management Concepts

929 USD

The Department of Defense (DoD) Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) System determines which programs meet military strategy requirements and the amount of funding received. Financial and program management professionals must understand the rules and procedures that govern the...

Sep 1—3, 2021

3 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States