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IMD Business School:
High Performance Leadership (HPL)
Listen. Influence. Impact. How to become a high performance leader Are you ready to focus on you, your leadership potential, your vision, and the bigger impact you can make on your team, organization, and customers? With IMD’s High Performance Leadership, you experience the training...
6 days
16223.045900000001 USD
INSEAD Business School:
High Impact Leadership Programme
From management to leadership The demands placed on today’s managers of teams are intense. No matter how impeccable their technical skills – whether in their own function or business in general – they are constantly asked to get more out of their teams. Even in the comparatively early stages of...
5 days
10672.2729 USD
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore:
Strategic Leadership Programme for IT Companies
The Strategic Leadership Workshop focuses on strategy and organization in information technology companies. At the outset, the workshop focuses on the questions: “how do IT managers identify and exploit growth opportunities?” and “what challenges arise as IT firms grow and how these can be met?”...
3 days
1267.4768 USD
Leadership Development for Women
Enhance your leadership abilities with this hands-on training programme. Designed for women looking to advance their careers in today’s workforce. Despite years of advances in both legal and corporate policy, many qualified women don’t get the jobs they want. Misperceptions, stereotypes, and...
2 days
3164.1394 USD
Maastricht School of Management:
Personal Leadership Skills
Dealing with power and influence The central object of this course is leadership. A topic that yields over 487 million results in an internet search illustrating that the interest in the topic is overwhelming. Leadership is not a theoretical concept; in the end it is about who you are and...
5 days
3002.1821999999997 USD
Daniels College of Business:
Public Safety Leadership Development
Collaboratively built in 2008 and fine-tuned by input from multiple agencies, the Daniels College of Business Public Safety Leadership Development program combines world-class faculty with personal assessments, leadership exercises, analytical assignments, and challenging activities to provide a...
1 days
2000 USD
Academy Leadership:
Leadership Excellence Course & Executive Coaching
Hard skills such as planning, finance and analysis that were paramount in years past represent just a fragment of the many skills executives must now possess. Today's global economy requires additional skills like good communication, creativity, collaboration and the ability to motivate....
3 days
3650 USD
Kansas City
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health:
4 days
2900 USD

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Coles College of Business:
895 USD
Stanford Graduate School of Business:
9800 USD
Haskayne School of Business:
6535.1646 USD

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Strathmore Business School:
5 days
837.9771000000001 USD
Weatherhead School of Management:
1 days
695 USD
Alberta School of Business:
611.2329 USD
Sauder School of Business:
1 days
841.8808 USD