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IMD Business School:
High Performance Leadership (HPL)
Discover your leadership patterns and foundations, diagnose your leadership tasks Develop your own leadership style, learn effective dialogue, revitalize your vision and build on your strengths Boost your capacity to change and move to a higher level of your leadership performance Develop...
6 days
12601.5556 USD
INSEAD Business School:
High Impact Leadership Programme
From management to leadership The demands placed on today’s managers of teams are intense. No matter how impeccable their technical skills – whether in their own function or business in general – they are constantly asked to get more out of their teams. Even in the comparatively early stages of...
5 days
10513.2924 USD
Vlerick Business School Executive Education:
Leadership Transition Programme
Moving into a management role is an exciting time in your career. But without leadership development training, it can be daunting too. That’s why we designed the seven-day Leadership Transition Programme. You’ll get to know yourself and discover how to manage and motivate others. You’ll live...
1 days
8097.7776 USD
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore:
Strategic Leadership Programme for IT Companies
The Strategic Leadership Workshop focuses on strategy and organization in information technology companies. At the outset, the workshop focuses on the questions: “how do IT managers identify and exploit growth opportunities?” and “what challenges arise as IT firms grow and how these can be met?”...
3 days
1270.1960000000001 USD
The London School of Economics and Political Science:
Achieving Leadership Excellence
An intensive five day development course that assists you in becoming the best leader that you can be. This short course provides leadership training in the skills required to manage yourself and other people, and demonstrates how excellent leadership transforms organisations. There are major...
1 days
8519.5008 USD
The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School:
Diploma in Leadership Development
Programme Overview The Diploma in Leadership Development helps participants to become better leaders. It is about understanding how they themselves contribute to their eventual success and that of their teams and organisations. Participants will develop insight into their current leadership...
1 days
10746.3917 USD
ICTD International Centre for Training and Development:
Collaborative Leadership Skills
Why become a collaborative leader? Because it gives you the ability to break down silos, to create an energetic department and team that has better business results. This seminar will give you the skills to be an adaptive manager, someone who can create clarity, vision and build mutual trust...
5 days
3300 USD
Leadership Development for Women
Enhance your leadership abilities with this hands-on training programme. Designed for women looking to advance their careers in today’s workforce. Despite years of advances in both legal and corporate policy, many qualified women don’t get the jobs they want. Misperceptions, stereotypes, and...
2 days
2987.927 USD

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GIBS Business School:
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Coles College of Business:
895 USD
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Lagos Business School:
3 days
744.4737 USD
Weatherhead School of Management:
1 days
695 USD
Alberta School of Business:
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