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Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education:
The Cambridge Negotiations lab
The two-day Cambridge Negotiations Lab has been designed as an experiential learning environment for one simple reason: you learn to negotiate better principally by "doing it". This is a practical, hands-on workshop structured around three key tensions that exist within most types of...
2 days
3448 USD
Cass Business School:
Effective Negotiation Skills: Influencing With Impact
Manage differences of opinion and contrasting interests to arrive at equitable solutions and meaningful outcomes that maintain and enhance work relationships with this highly practical programme. Whether we recognise it or not, we are required to negotiate and influence others in virtually every...
1 days
1243 USD
The London School of Economics and Political Science:
This course is designed to improve your ability to conduct negotiations, not only by sharing current knowledge and research, but also by providing opportunities to practice and reflect on your skills. Programme structure The programme will address the strategic, interpersonal, and...
5 days
7491 USD
Negotiation Skills
Whether dealing with suppliers or clients, trade unions or colleagues, negotiation skills are vital to ensure personal and organisational success. This programme also looks at how to prepare negotiation strategies, approach complex and team negotiations and options when dealing with difficult...
2 days
1099 USD
BVCA | Private Equity & Venture Capital Association:
Skills of Negotiation for the Deal Team
Negotiating is a part of many aspects of business, but being able to do it effectively, especially when the deal can become quite complex, requires effective planning. This course will build on your core negotiating skillset through its discussion groups, role-plays, video analysis and use of...
3 days
6872 USD
Greater London
Fitch Learning:
Negotiation Skills for Financial Professionals
Working effectively in any role involves building relationships when there are conflicting objectives. Managing these requires a variety of capabilities and skills. The key ability is to be able to collaborate effectively. Although easier said than done, it defines those who foster an environment...
1 days
993 USD
Cranfield School of Management:
High Performance Leadership
Cranfield’s High Performance Leadership Programme explores aspects of yourself using a blended and networked learning approach so that you can become the best leader you can be. The climate of uncertainty, potential for economic protectionism, and more complex organisation dynamics are...
8 days
15457 USD
IFF Training:
School of Corporate Finance
Corporate finance is an area where often a substantial gap exists between theory and market practice. Most programmes approach the topic from one end of this spectrum or the other. This course deliberately seeks to identify the reasons for such differences and provide recommendations of how the...
5 days
7496 USD

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Harvard Business School:
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Eli Broad College of Business:
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Vlerick Business School Executive Education:
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The Chartered Institute of Marketing:
1 days
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Impact Factory:
1 days
562 USD