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GIBS Business School:
Managing Projects Strategically
Learn to use project management principles to deliver on your organisation's strategic intent and positively impact the overall bottom-line, shareholder value, business success and competitive advantage. Organisations are starting to see the importance of project management not as operational...
2 days
1069 USD
University of Stellenbosch Business School:
Managing Projects
The Managing Projects programme enables participants to analyse, draw up a project plan, manage and execute any project of any kind and size, in any industry and within the context of strategic and business management. What does it cover Over the course of the programme, participants will be...
5 days
1634 USD
University of Stellenbosch Business School:
Project Leadership and EQ
The Project Leadership and EQ programme is designed to familiarise participants with multi-level leadership principles, emotional intelligence, change management and managerial principles in negotiation that go beyond the basic operational management of projects. What does it cover ...
5 days
1759 USD
Wits Business School:
New Managers Programme
Get groomed for a management role. Gain a deeper understanding of the different divisions within the organisation and learn about effective decision making and working with a team. Build coping skills and take a confident step forward in your career. What’s covered? An introduction to...
20 days
3460 USD
John Molson School of Business:
Avsec Professional Management Certificate
Secure your future in an industry that’s taking off Aviation security has become a top priority for the 191 member States of the International Civil Aviation Organization. Aviation security is a global responsibility. It is now international and it requires the participation of all...
14 days
4136 USD
Euromoney Learning Solutions:
African Project Finance Academy
Learn about project financing transactions & funding projects This five-day Project Finance Training Week is designed to assist bankers, private investors, project developers, equipment suppliers, official creditors, and other project participants in acquiring all the skills they will need to...
5 days
4560 USD

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The University of South Carolina:
2200 USD
The Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA):
166 USD
Colorado State University-Global Campus:
5757 USD