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INSEAD Business School:
Strategy Execution Programme
Making your strategy work by overcoming the barriers to execution Most companies believe that – after careful strategic review, analysis and planning – they have a winning strategy. However, our latest research shows that 70 per cent of companies fail to get what they want out of their...
1 days
17729.431200000003 USD
Vlerick Business School Executive Education:
Strategy Implementation
This programme will allow you to master a comprehensive method to formulate and implement strategy effectively. Using a simple and very accessible model, you can rest assured that your approach will bear fruit. Why This Programme? What is the added value of following the programme...
3 days
3989.1178999999997 USD
Business Strategy & Planning for Managers
Is your next challenge guiding a strategic planning process, and writing a strategic business plan? What is your role as a manager in defining your company's strategy? Get the business strategy skills and tools to develop the best strategic plan to support your company’s goals! ​Better strategic...
3 days
4307.5012 USD
Antwerp Management School:
Master Class Business Strategy & Leadership
Organizations today are faced with new forces in their competitive environment. Disruptive powers are at work, completely changing the known business dynamics. Boundaries between sectors are blurring. Traditional distribution channels and pipelines are being challenged. The emergence of new...
1 days
13734.061200000002 USD
The University of Auckland Business School:
Strategic Planning
Differentiate your organisation and build a sustained competitive advantage through effective strategic planning. Generally strategic planning assumes the future will be more or less like the present. However, in today’s world of accelerated change – we need to challenge this industry...
2 days
1541.3641 USD
SIM Professional Development:
Strategic Planning & Thinking
Business today, is characterised by change and presents challenges to anyone attempting to lead and manage a business. What was once a stable and predictable environment is today a global arena with new competitors, changing technology and shifting markets and fluctuating monetary...
3 days
1453.9892000000002 USD
Business Strategies in New Digital Times
Reinvent Your Business Boundaries, Rethink Your Market Space. In times when most industries tend to be disrupted by technologies and new kinds of competition, organisations need to refresh and reinvent quicker their business model, space of competition and rethink their interactions with...
1 days
3058.9558 USD

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Harvard Business School:
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IMD Executive Education:
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