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Marketing courses in Cape Town, South Africa

Short executive courses on Marketing

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business:
Customer Centricity in Practice Aggregator
Competitive advantage has moved beyond the features of a company’s product, to include the entire customer experience. This puts increased pressure on all business functions to understand the customer and to find ways to collaborate and co-create a positive customer experience. The...
2 days
971 USD
Oxford Management Centre:
Fundamentals of Marketing
Success in marketing requires understanding of the fundamental principles, concepts, theories, tools and techniques. Whether you are new to marketing or need a refresher on the fundamentals, this training seminar provides a clear understanding of the essential principles as well as best...
5 days
5950 USD
University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business:
Executive Development Programme
To keep up as a leader today, one needs to have a finger on the pulse of global leadership. The Executive Development Programme (EDP) at the GSB equips executives and senior managers to adapt and stay ahead of the curve by exploring the best leadership practices and latest strategies for...
13 days
6095 USD
University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business:
The New Manager
Confidence, personal growth and an expert command over the core principles of management: The New Manager short course at the GSB focuses on developing participants' ability to manage and lead a team with confidence. One of the fundamentals of the course is to enable managers to "speak the...
12 days
2613 USD
Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership:
The Prince of Wales's Business & Sustainability Programme
An international programme for senior executives in leadership roles Our series of Business & Sustainability Programme seminars, held around the world, have been delivered by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership for over 20 years, and have become a global benchmark...
4 days
2647 USD
Oxford Management Centre:
The Management & Leadership Development Programme
A management position requires the holder to perform a number of roles simultaneously: strategist, team-builder, innovator, decision-maker, mentor and leader. Success at a management level involves integrating the requirements of these roles with confidence and assurance. This uniquely designed...
10 days
11900 USD

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Rutgers Business School:
3495 USD
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Kellogg School of Management:
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