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Economics courses in Cape Town, South Africa

Short executive courses on Economics

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business:
Managing Power Sector Reform and Regulation
Leaders, managers and professionals in infrastructure sectors around the world are facing new and complex challenges. The old model of state-owned, vertically integrated utilities is giving way to hybrid models with increased private sector participation and competition. New regulatory regimes...
5 days
2137 USD
University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business:
Hospitality Leadership Course
Hospitality in South Africa is an exciting and evolving industry. Disruptive innovations such as the use of digital platforms for managing bookings and reviewing travel destinations and the rise of intermediaries are changing the game. To take advantage of this dynamism, professionals in the...
9 days
2141 USD
University of Stellenbosch Business School:
Sustainable Cities
The aim of this module is to provide module participants with a general and comparative understanding of the combined economic, social and environmental impact of the following three trends: the expansion of the world population to at least 9 billion people over the next 35 years, the transition...
6 days
770 USD
Oxford Management Centre:
Transformational Industrial (IR) and Employee Relations (ER) Workshop
This Oxford dynamic workshop on Transformational Labour & Industrial Relations will provide participants with a thorough understanding of Labour and Industrial Relations (IR). Industrial Relations is concerned with the maintenance of the employment relationship, essentially how trade unions and...
5 days
5950 USD

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