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Jones Graduate School of Business:
Finance and Accounting Certificate
Possessing the ability to make sound financial decisions is critical for any executive. Through our Finance and Accounting program, you’ll gain a better understanding of financial statements, key performance indicators, and financial reporting – knowledge you need to fully understand how...
4 days
6500 USD
Stanford Graduate School of Business:
Finance and Accounting for the Nonnfinancial Executive
Learn how to make better financial management decisions to increase the value of your company in the marketplace. Balance sheets and income statements. Cash flow and financial management. Many executives rise to positions of great responsibility with less knowledge of these finance and...
1 days
13000 USD
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore:
Finance for Decision Making – for Non-Finance Managers
Successful managers are aware that their decisions affect their company's profitability, but are often puzzled by the numbers they deal with. To this ends, this programme empowers a non-finance manager with an understanding of the numbers. It provides the mangers with a comprehensive working...
5 days
1485.4351000000001 USD
Maastricht School of Management:
Project Finance
Promoting investment in emerging economies MSM has designed one of the first courses in Europe that comprises an introduction to blended financial instruments, a critical knowledge area to take full advantage of a new generation of financial sources aimed at promoting private investment in...
5 days
2878.3144 USD
IFF Training:
Project Finance Documentation
This course will analyse - in detail - all the key project and financing documents. You will delve far beyond the basic features of these agreements, and will end up with a deeper knowledge of: These documents’ core structure and key variants The issues which are likely to be most...
3 days
3650.4333 USD
Amsterdam Institute of Finance:
Project Finance and PPPs
The Project Finance and PPPs program focuses on structuring, financing and valuing large capital projects and emphasizes Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Funding large capital expenditure projects delivers high returns but is inherently risky. In the aftermath of the great financial crisis,...
4 days
4524.6767 USD
TUM School of Management:
Finance & Accounting
Strengthen your expertise in financial management, planning, and strategy, while gaining competence in making financial, budgeting, and accounting decisions. You will evaluate investment options as well as corporate finances, and learn efficient ways to plan financials with regard to the...
5 days
3290.6749 USD
ICTD International Centre for Training and Development:
Best Practice in Finance & Accounting
For every best practice you may already be using, there are probably dozens more you could use to be more competitive. Many are very simple and easy to implement with immediate impact while others are more complex. This unique seminar: Presents finance and accounting as integral business...
5 days
3300 USD

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Smith School of Business:
1906.2828 USD
Leonard N. Stern School of Business:
6336 USD

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Alberta School of Business:
1 days
491.825 USD
Nanyang Technological University Centre for Professional and Continuing Education:
2 days
604.4349 USD
Lilly Family School of Philanthropy:
1040 USD