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Eli Broad College of Business:
Supply Chain Logistics Management Executive Seminar
For over 50 years, Michigan State University’s Supply Chain Logistics Management Executive Seminar has been the world’s premier logistics executive seminar. The seminar combines academic frameworks and real-world examples, including discussion and review of best practice trends. The seminar...
6 days
4995 USD
INSEAD Business School:
Supply Chain Management
Driving value, alignment and sustainability Supply Chain Management is a five-day, multi-disciplinary programme designed to help you create and implement innovative strategies that can help your organisation serve customers effectively and efficiently. We understand the challenges you face –...
5 days
11842.733999999999 USD
RWTH International Academy:
Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Competition pressures modern companies to efficiently design the in-house and industry-wide planning and management of material, financial and The Summer School explores innovative supply chain management concepts in a twofold approach. On the one hand, the fundamentals of supply chain management...
1 days
2480.7447 USD
Luxembourg School of Business:
Supply Chain Management
The perspective of the course is both business and technical. The point is to identify how the supply chain can deliver a “fair value” to the business in order to support its objectives and even more in some innovative cases contribute to rethink the value chains and to redesign the relative...
2 days
1862.4254 USD
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad:
Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management is a one week in-depth practitioner-oriented executive education programme which enables the participants to understand anatomy of a supply chain and explore means and methods by which the supply chain of an organisation can be managed to enhance its business...
28 days
1381.9922 USD
Vlerick Business School Executive Education:
Excellence in Supply Chain Management
Do you need to connect supply chain design with supply chain management and logistics? Do you face the challenges in international distribution with confidence? Are you looking to master supply chain management? If you are looking for a comprehensive education in the most current topics in...
12 days
11836.5025 USD
The University of Auckland Business School:
Strategic Supply Chain Management
The role of a supply chain leader is to align their organisation’s array of staff, suppliers, technology and process, and get the right products into the right hands at the right time. In a world of increasingly dynamic and disrupted supply chains, companies need their supply chain leaders to...
1 days
8826.791 USD
Georgia Tech Professional Education:
Business Case Development for Operations and Supply Chain Management
The ability to write a compelling business case is a core competency for effective leaders. A business case is a critical requirement before committing to projects, new products, or other investments. It is also an argument that needs to convince the recipient to invest in this undertaking rather...
2 days
1500 USD

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Antwerp Management School:
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Nanyang Technological University Centre for Professional and Continuing Education:
2 days
994.053 USD
Indian Institute of Management Indore:
4 days
748.3053 USD
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta:
4 days
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