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Schulich Executive Learning Centre:
Digital Transformation
This module provides participants with strategies and techniques to enable the digital transformation which analytics represents to gain and maintain traction in their organization. Entrepreneurial Thinking for Tech Strategies Data & AI challenges prevalent in the enterprise today Compare...
2 days
2017.4301 USD
IESE Business School:
Digital Transformation
How to Innovate and Lead Your Business Advances in the digital space—be they social, mobile, or otherwise—are breaking down barriers to market entry, turning established business models on their heads, and offering new ways to engage with customers and employees. To identify and effectively...
3 days
5893.2171 USD
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management:
Digital Transformation Masterclass
How Digital Transformation will influence the strategy of your business Discover the challenges of digitalisation Discover what digitalisation can bring to business models, work environments and innovation processes. A toolkit to better manage the digital transformation Deepen your...
1 days
8639.2692 USD
WU Executive Academy Vienna:
Digital Transformation
Make yourself and your company fit for the future The digital revolution is changing not only the business world, but all areas of our lives. It is changing entire industries and forcing companies to rethink their business models to remain competitive. Therefore it is important to face the...
1 days
4689.8886999999995 USD
UNSW Business School:
Leading Digital Transformation
Develop your digital strategy and change ready culture to drive digital transformation. The need for organisations to focus on digital transformation has never been more pressing or offered more opportunities. How you plan and execute your transformation now will play a role in the...
1 days
7891.458299999999 USD
Rotterdam School of Management:
Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation
Become a better digital transformation advisor in your organisation by applying new knowledge and skills to your business challenge. Turn digital disruption from threat into opportunity in your company with RSM’s Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation. Digital transformation In the...
0 days
13315.4589 USD
TUM School of Management:
Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship
What to expect in this specific seminar: Digital Transformation: Understanding IT and societal mega trends, like Big Data or The Internet of Things (IoT), and their implications for organizations and markets. Digital business models: Combining products and services to create market-oriented...
5 days
3949.3804999999998 USD
Wisconsin School of Business:
Change Management
Businesses don’t succeed by standing still. Close scrutiny of products, services, and systems will always reveal room for positive change. And helping people handle change by adapting to new realities and adopting new behaviors is one of the toughest challenges managers face today. Without the...
1 days
1995 USD

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Sauder School of Business:
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Nelson Mandela University Business School:
1 days
166.9527 USD
SIM Professional Development:
1 days
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The University of Adelaide:
314.8607 USD