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Texas LBJ School:
Government Quality and Improvement
Does your organization lack strategic direction and/or a mission that drives its employees? Using the right process improvement methodologies can enable organization to achieve the goal of providing services to customers better, faster, cheaper and friendlier. This course will provide systems...
4 days
2000 USD
Texas LBJ School:
Auditing for Fraud in the Government Environment
The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the Government Accountability Office's (GAO) Yellow Book places responsibility on auditors to design their audit to detect fraud. But what does fraud look like? What techniques can you use to find it? And how does it rear its ugly head in the government...
1 days
280 USD
Management Concepts:
Applying for Federal Grants & Cooperative Agreements
The Federal grant application process can be overwhelming. Taking the appropriate planning steps can make the application process easier and more fluid. You will cover the Federal financial assistance process from identifying and qualifying opportunities to submission. You will navigate...
2 days
849 USD
Management Concepts:
HR Boot Camp
HR plays a crucial role in managing the Federal workforce and mission results. To that end, Federal HR’s success depends on how well individuals work together. You will gain a comprehensive overview of HR and how it works: processes, tools, and rules and regulations from OPM, Federal agencies,...
5 days
1569 USD

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