Behaviour Analyst | Emotion Geek | Podcaster | Listener | Fallible Human | Bad singer

Founder of Emotion at Work, fascinated by people, identity, behaviour, culture and learning.

I've made a promise to make work better for everyone by placing emotion at the heart of work.

Occasionally I'm told that I care too much. Most often that helps as it drives me to do brilliant work that makes a real and tangible difference in people's lives. There have been times that I risk getting too involved & being tempted to 'save' people or places.

I work across various sectors, countries, cultures and clients to do brilliant stuff with how people feel. I work and talk WITH others, never 'to' people, that's not my way.

If you work with me I'll listen, question, challenge and make you think, really think.

Other fallibilities; talking quickly when excited, eating too much ice cream, geeking out a lot, asking 'how are you?' with genuine interest in the reply.

Specialties: Emotion, Emotional Intelligence, Behaviour Analysis, Deception Detection, Credibility Assessment, Learning and Development, Evaluation, Culture Diagnostic, Organisational Development, Leadership and Management Development.

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