Paul Green Jr. - Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness


Luxembourg School of Business
Doctoral Candidate

Paul Green is an experienced entrepreneur and currently a Doctorate candidate at Harvard Business School. Paul teaches a variety of Leadership programs at the Luxembourg school of Business, including the Leadership module within the MBA program. In 2006 Paul joined The Morning Star Company, a California based integrated food processing company, where he co-founded the Morning Star Self-Management Institute. Paul was principally responsible for advancing Morning Star through their unique and innovative organizational system. Morning Star, which has been called, “the world’s most creatively managed company” and was named one of Inc. Magazine’s most audacious companies because of their organizational system, is widely considered one of the world’s leading organizational innovators. Paul’s leadership in advancing their philosophy and systems, combined with his drive to better understand human nature and motivation through research and experimentation, were instrumental in enabling Morning Star’s organizational system to scale as Morning Star experienced significant growth.

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