Business consultant, trainer and facilitator

I enjoy solving business problems. I have Director-level experience in global companies and two degrees (Maths and Psychology)

We are developing e-learning that is fun as well as useful - online games which allow people to experience problems and practise business skills. We use the triggers used in video games to motivate people to play the games many times and learn the techniques which will work for them in the real world. Our platform encourages social learning within training programmes. People learn by playing.

The new business uses all my existing skills - practical management experience, technical project management, psychology and training - and needs a few more which I am(slowly) learning.

At present, we are building the platform. We are looking for Founder-Friends, people who are willing to try out the games as we develop them and give us feedback on how useful and/or exciting they are.


Founder/Director * * Company Name4-OM Ltd * Dates EmployedJun 2016 – Present * Employment Duration3 yrs 1 mo * LocationWest Midlands

Animals learn by playing. Children learn by playing.

Forum will provide a website with games which teach business skills - so people can enjoy learning.

Our training is convenient, cost-effective ... and compulsive.

Managing Partner

  • Company Name Harman & Hunt
  • Dates EmployedJan 1994 – Jun 2015
  • Employment Duration21 yrs 6 mos

We believe business, especially new hi-tech business, is vital to the economy. It is also interesting and exciting. Our speciality is solving business problems and helping people change the way they work to achieve success. We design and deliver effective training and facilitate meetings.

Operations & Technical Director, Marketing Director

  • Company Name AT&T
  • Dates EmployedJul 1977 – Dec 1993
  • Employment Duration16 yrs 6 mos

I did all sorts of jobs over the time - IT Development and Telecomms, Project Management, Business Development. Also a spell as Marketing Director of an internal start-up. I helped launch a new business in Europe and managed mergers of businesses, product lines and people.


The Open University Degree NameBA Psychology

University of Oxford Degree NameMA Field Of StudyMathematics

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