University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business


University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

As the Social Systems Innovation Lead, Ncedisa Nkonyeni convenes the Bertha Centre’s Systems Change and Social Impact Executive Education course. She also curates the Africa regional hub of the global systems play team; a support and resource node for change-agents aspiring to position their innovations at systems’ tipping points. She teaches systems change on the Graduate School of Business’s MBA and MPhil, and partners locally and globally with leading academics and practitioners to facilitate systems innovation capacity-building, case-generation and exchange all over the world.

Currently reading for a Masters in Philosophy in Inclusive Innovation at the Graduate School of Business, her research question is around the relationship between collective embedded agency and institutional change. Her academic background is in Clinical and Research Psychology (University of Cape Town and the University Currently Known as Rhodes, respectively). And her prior work and research experience spans a variety of sectors including film policy analysis, oral history and Identity.

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