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Maurie Kelly is a member of the research faculty and director of informatics at Pennsylvania State Institutes for Energy and the Environment. She is also an instructor in the division of business and engineering and instructor in the department of risk management at the Smeal College of Business at Pennsylvania State University. Kelly teaches courses in international business, negotiation and conflict resolution, strategic management, leadership, business administration, and information science. Her academic background is diverse and includes degrees in history, information science, and a PhD focusing on organizational development.

Kelly has more than twenty years of professional experience working with a wide range of organizations from government and nonprofit to industry and business. She also has managed significant innovative multiyear programs and projects throughout her career and collaborated across universities, industries, and countries to optimize their impact. Her early research reflects her engagement with government, law, international issues, and historical aspects of society—in particular the right to free access to information, the organization of political systems, and historical trends in society and organizations. In recent years, her research focuses on informatics and technology, environmental topics, and crisis leadership, in particular leadership at times of extreme natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. Her interests in negotiation, conflict resolution, strategy development and implementation, and building effective collaborative organizations stem from her engagement and experiences in these areas. She also teaches at Harvard Extension School.

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