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David C Lane is Professor of Business Informatics at Henley Business School. He specialises in strategic analysis using system dynamics and systems thinking. He works interactively with groups of senior managers to help them express their ideas in the form of a system dynamics-based simulation model. The model and the facilitated process help managers to think through the long-term policies of their organisation.

His theoretical work concerns the contribution that system dynamics can make to the formalisation of certain concepts arising in social theory. His practical interests include: healthcare management; the creation of marketing strategies for cinema films, child protection and the dynamics of project management.

David Lane has mathematics degrees from Bristol and Oxford Universities and a Doctorate in mathematical modelling also from Oxford. He was a consultant in Shell International and a marketing manager in Shell UK. Before joining Henley he was a faculty member at City University Business School and then London School of Economics and Political Science. He has consulting and executive education experience in a wide range of commercial and public sector/government organisations. He is a member of the Home Office Science Advisory Council (HOSAC) in which role he provides independent advice on the use of operational research and systems thinking approaches with the aim of improving the quality of the science and research that is used to inform strategic delivery and policy development.

In 2005 David Lane received an LSE award for outstanding performance and innovation in teaching and in 2008 he received a student-nominated LSE Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award.

In 2004 he was elected Fellow of the Operational Research Society for "outstanding contributions to the theory and practice of OR", and in 2007 was awarded the System Dynamics Society's Jay Wright Forrester Award "for the best contribution to the field of system dynamics in the preceding five years". In 2010 he was appointed as an Advisor to the Munro Review of Child Protection for the Department for Education. In 2011 David Lane served as President of the System Dynamics Society. In 2014 he received the Operational Research Society’s President’s Medal for the application of systems modelling approaches in the child protection sector.


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Conferences and Invited Presentations:

Plenary speaker: 51st Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (2007).

Research seminar speaker: National Audit Office (2007).

Plenary speaker: Government OR Service Annual Conference (2007).

Invited speaker: Gesellschaft für Operations Research (GOR) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für System Dynamics, Frankfurt (2008).

Research seminar speaker: University of Cambridge, Judge Business School (2009).

Research seminar speaker: UCL, Clinical OR Unit (2009).

Research seminar speaker: Health Protection Agency (2010).

Invited speaker: Erasmus Mundus Masters Programme in System Dynamics, University of Bergen (2010).

Presidential Address: International System Dynamics Conference, Washingston DC (2011).

Plenary Speaker: Mayo Clinic conference on Systems Engineering and Operations Research in Health Care, Rochester MN (2011).

Research seminar speaker: LSE, SYSTEMS40@theLSE' conference on 'How can systems thinking and practice be better "harnessed" for public policy purposes?' (2012).

Program Co-chair: International System Dynamics Conference, hosted by the Institute of Management, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (2012).

Keynote Address: Special event on ‘Systems Thinking to Support Policy Making’, hosted by the Government Operational Research Service and the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, DEFRA, London (2013).

Invited Speaker: Duke University/National University of Singapore symposium on ‘Building models to inform aging policy: getting it right before time runs out’, hosted by the Program in Health Services and Systems Research, Duke-National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School, NUS, Singapore (2013).

Invited Speaker: Sixth European System Dynamics Workshop, hosted by Koç University, Turkey, April (2013)

Selected Speaker: 26th European Conference on Operational Research, Policy Analytics stream, EURO26, hosted by Sapienza University, Rome (2013).

Invited Speaker: Operational Research Society inaugural workshop on ‘Fostering Behavioural OR’, London (2013)

Invited Speaker: Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, BIS, London (2013).

Research Seminar Speaker: University of Hull, Business School, Centre for Systems Studies (2014).

Invited Speaker: Northern Ireland Local Group of the Royal Statistical Society, hosted by the Centre for Statistical Science & Operational Research at Queen’s University Belfast (2014).

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