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Founder & Managing Director Damian has over 20 years experience as a consultant to leading private, public and not-for-profit and sector organisations throughout Europe and around the globe. His corporate experience encompasses finance, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, service and telecommunications industries.

“I have always been curious about people,” Damian says of his work. “I want to know why people do what they do; what motivates them and what encourages them to act in a particular way. I want to understand what makes them effective, whether that be on their own or working with others, and what interferes with their ability to perform.”

Over the past 25 years Damian has harnessed his understanding of personality types to explore the best ways of: dealing with conflict, coping with change, leading others, creating high performing teams, setting strategies that people willingly commit to and fostering innovation.

“For me the secret is simple – work with others to truly understand what is going on in any given situation and work with others to find a way to improve it. As a consultant I have two clear tasks – to ask the right questions and then to create pathways for others to find the best answers.”

While Damian uses a wide variety of psychometric tools, over the past 25 years he has developed particular expertise in the use and application of the MBTI® has been a member of the instrument’s European Qualifying Programme Faculty and has co-authored Introduction to Type® Program (Leader’s Resource Guide) and Introduction to Type & Innovation. He regularly receives invitations from across the globe to lead workshops on MBTI® and to deliver keynote addresses at conferences and seminars.

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