Time to Thrive: How to Build the Brain you Want | Christin Mey | TEDxHUBerlin


ESCP Europe Business School
Corporate Relationship Manager, ESCP Europe Berlin Communication Strategist, Business Trainer & Coach for Executives

Christin Mey is on a mission to help you “Build the Brain You Want”, translating scientific research into hands-on strategies that impact everyday decision-making and enable the development of game-changing habits. After experiencing an inordinate amount of adversity, Christin decided to explore these occurrences from different angles, a strategy that kept her sane whilst her circumstances were not. This turned into a full-blown love-affair with the research of the factors that build mental resilience and exhilarate performance. She found answers in the small - but mighty - space between our ears: the brain. Instead of learning how to cope, she explored how to thrive, turning this knowledge into practical concepts. Her “Follow the Fun” teaching techniques make complex things simple and heavy things lighter, whilst targeting an area in the brain which focuses on long-term information retention. A former strategist for international advertising networks, Christin taps into strategies used in advertising and applies behavioural science to business and self-efficacy contexts, marrying a powerful combination of business development and personal growth. Having lived in seven countries, Christin has now become a global player and expert on how to excel in our ever-changing environment.

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