Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies


Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
Assistant Professor, Gediz University

Areas of expertise

Political economy of Eurasia, democratization theory and practice, authoritarianism, formal and informal governance Short profile

Dr. Assel Tutumlu earned her PhD in Global Affairs from Rutgers, State University of New Jersey (USA). She also received MA degree in Politics, specializing in Political Theory from the New School for Social Research and another MA degree in International Affairs from American University in Washington DC majoring in Comparative and Regional Studies with the focus on Eurasian Politics.

Dr. Tutumlu is an Assistant Professor in International Relations Department at Gediz University. She has previously worked in various international organizations and non-governmental agencies, including the United Nations, International Foundation for Election Systems, Kennan Institute of Advanced Russian Studies and the Center for Non-Proliferation Studies. Her work is mostly centered on political economy of authoritarian regimes. She is a comparative scientist with deep knowledge of development trajectories of post-Soviet region. In her dissertation project she applied Foucault’s concept of ‘governmentality’ to explain variations of industrialization patterns and bureaucratic resistance in Central Asia. Her articles appeared in volumes published by Routledge, Nomos, Lexington Press and the Journal of Eurasian Studies and Europe-Asia Studies.

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