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About the course

Measurement at the micro, meso and nano level is utmost importance to meet the challenging needs of today’s engineering needs. This course in this context focuses on giving conceptual and exercise oriented training of measurement methodologies employing optical concepts currently employed optical metrological methodologies and related equipments and its relevance to the industry. Current developments and importance of new optical metrological concepts and tools for measurement with the required accuracy will also be introduced to the students. The course will focus on reinforcing the measurement concepts practiced in optics industries through case studies. It will also cover latest developments and challenges ( both at industry and research and developmental stages) in optical measurements.

The “Optical metrology – Theory and Practice” course relates to all personnel needing to apply and learn measurement methods and measuring Instruments in engineering ranging from manufacturing, inspection, to procurement. Through the course it may assist them to better manage their project scope, correct choice of instruments, quality problem solving and cost.


  1. To learn the basic principles and methodologies of optical Metrology
  2. To appreciate the merits of measurement methodologies and how they complements and improve conventional measurement methods
  3. Understand the concepts of speckle metrology,
  4. Understand the role of Fiber optics in metrology and Non-contact methodologies
  5. Whole field measurement and NDT approaches
  6. To apply the above mentioned technical concepts for problem solving in metrology industry

Underpinning Knowledge

  1. Know the definitions, concepts and Instrumentation aspects of the optical metrology and their applications
  2. How to read, interpret and configure measurement approaches using optical concepts drawings
  3. Expose to the various optical measurement techniques with different accuracies


Day 1

Understand and Use of Basic Optical Metrology concepts

  • Optical Metrology- Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Optical Metrology – A theoretical Understanding -Part A
  • Fundamentals of Optical Metrology – A theoretical Understanding -Part B

Day 2

Light Sources for metrology, Fiber Optics and speckle metrology

  • Metrological Coherent and Incoherent Sources
  • Fiber Optics- Understand, Specify, Interpret and Use of optical fibers and its principles in metrology
  • Speckle and specular metrology

Day 3

Speckle metrology and NDT, Common Applications of Optical metrology- Conventional and Advanced systems

Speckle metrology Applications

  • Formative Assessment

Applications of significance

  • Focal length, curvature, and Angle measurement
  • Profilometry

Day 4

*Summative Assessment and revision

Who should attend

Relevant occupations include:

  • Product Designers, Engineers working in optics industries
  • Engineers and Managers in mechanical and production area
  • R&D Engineers and staff working in Industries or NDT
  • Quality Control Engineers and Inspectors

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Murukeshan Matham

Dr. Murukeshan Vadakke Matham graduated from the University of Calicut, India with Physics major. He obtained his MSc and MPhil degrees in Physics with specialization in Quantum Electronics from the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), India. He pursued his doctoral degree at the ...


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