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About the course

A transformational programme

The evidence is clear - diverse leadership qualities create a stronger base for innovation. Women therefore have a crucial part to play within transformational leadership, helping organisations to innovate and improve performance.

Building on our experience of delivering powerful leadership learning and global work on women in leadership, this programme offers you the chance to learn and develop your leadership style to advance your career.

Delivered through a series of short sessions

The style for these sessions is based on ‘design thinking’. This is an approach to leading innovation that allows the group to experiment and explore new ways of being, observing and reflecting. You will then co-develop the later sessions to suit your individual cohort’s aspirations, alongside an expert team of tutors and coaches. The initial sessions are structured around findings from 15 years of research globally into women’s experiences with leadership.

Who is Women Leading Change for?

Women who are committed to a promotion in the next 18 months.

This programme develops you to become an instrument for transformational change, for yourself, your team and your organisation. This course is about successfully navigating organisational culture and colleague behaviours to create a path that expands your span of influence. The right conversation with the right people can allow you to put your best self forward - and receive the acknowledgement and reward you have earned.

Programme content

Module 1 - two days

Setting the agenda

  • Setting the collective agenda
  • Purpose, presence and impact
  • The neuroscience behind how your brain works
  • Pitching your challenge with competence

Module 2 - one day

Influencing Decision Makers

  • Appreciating how and where decisions get made and how to influence them
  • Developing influence
  • Positioning yourself to get the decisions and outcomes you want

Module 3 - one day

Building resilience

  • Building resilience and dealing with setbacks
  • Creating support mechanisms and valuable networks
  • Becoming an agent for change

Module 4 - one day


  • To be co-designed between delegates and the tutor team, based on cohort aspirations

Module 5 - one day


  • Acknowledging success – to be co-designed, to include multi-media feedback and stories

There are also 4 webinars that take place in between the 5 modules:

  • Engaging your champion
  • Overcoming organisational barriers and opening opportunities
  • Personal branding for success
  • Creating your 90-day plan


For participants

If you are seeking your next leadership challenge and want to ensure you have developed the resilience and self-possession to help you navigate your way when the going gets turbulent, this programme will support and challenge you to do so. During the year, you will evolve your personal strategy to shape your own and your company’s agenda, by engaging in strategic learning, working with a personal champion and a one-to-one coach.

Trust the experts

Claire Collins

Claire Collins is the Director of the DBA Programme and Subject Area Leader for Leadership & Change. She researches and teaches Leadership and Leadership Development with a special interest in Coaching Leaders, Positive Psychology, Leadership Derailment and Women in Leadership. She has exper...


Claire Hewitt

Claire's commercial background is in marketing and innovation. Her marketing experience focussed primarily in the retail sector, where product and brand differentiation are key to success. She worked for Marks and Spencer, Masterfoods, the Arcadia Group and eventually BAA, where she was the group...


Shaheena Janjuha Jivraj

Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj has worked in the field of enterprise programme development and delivery. She was the founding Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School. Her areas of research examine leadership and management in entrepreneurial firms; with a focus on family bu...


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