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Women in Leadership One-Day Course

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This one-day executive course from Kelley is for any woman who is navigating the intersection of gender and leadership, or who wishes to improve her interpersonal brand.

Do you know how to successfully navigate the obstacles that come along with being a female leader?

Countless sources have documented the difficulties women face in reaching the top tiers of today’s businesses. Despite organizational attempts to create a “level playing field,” the reality remains: women and men have different experiences as leaders.

Women leaders face different expectations, norms, and realities. Research even demonstrates that when a male leader and a female leader present the same strategies using the same language, the female’s abilities are perceived differently than the male’s.

Despite these obstacles, today’s female leaders are finding new ways to navigate and work with the role that gender plays in the office.

Learn how to leverage the strengths inherent in female leadership

This one-day course is designed to help women navigate leadership roles more successfully.

You’ll take a close look at how gender role expectations influence behavior and evaluation of both men and women. You will also have an open dialogue about managing the unspoken perceptions of female leaders, and how to operate from the intersection of warmth, competence, strength, and technical expertise.

At the end of the day women will be armed with strategies on how to lead, persuade, and inspire others in an uneven playing field, and more broadly, how to navigate gender role dynamics across a variety of business scenarios.

Learning outcomes: what you'll take back to the office

In this one-day course, you will:

  • Examine the ways in which gender and leadership roles interact to create dilemmas and opportunities in the workplace
  • Develop a toolkit of leadership communication strategies to be effective in a variety of situations
  • Learn the steps to creating a pipeline of female talent ready to take on leadership roles in your organization
  • Identify tactics for overcoming barriers to effective negotiation
  • Discuss the importance of self-presentation and self-advocacy

Who should attend

This course is for any woman who is navigating the intersection of gender and leadership, or who wishes to improve her interpersonal brand. Men who mentor and coach female protégés will also find this course valuable.


Carolyn Goerner is a Clinical Professor of Management at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in Bloomington. Currently, she teaches Strategic Human Resources in Kelley’s Integrated Core in addition to courses in negotiation at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Goerner complet...
Daisy Lovelace, PhD, is a lecturer in Communication, Professional, and Computer Skills at the Kelley School of Business. Lovelace teaches Business Presentations in the undergraduate business program, Effective Communication in the EMBA program, and communication and leadership courses in executi...
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